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In this section, albeit partially, a fair number of books, catalogs and all kinds of publications have been collected, concerning the artistic career of Andrea Benetti. The editorial work, which undoubtedly represents Andrea Benetti the most, is the book he conceived and created, entitled "Unusual exploration within speed". For the realization of this book, Andrea Benetti has involved over fifteen university professors and important personalities from the world of contemporary art. The publication is sponsored by various international organizations and counts among the personalities who have joined the project several of the most important names in Italian academic culture. The publication is an art book with an anthological appendix, created with the trappings of collecting in a limited edition, in which each copy is stamped and signed in original by Andrea Benetti.

ITA  "Spirituality in Neorupestre art" is a review of Diletta Iacuaniello from which the idea of this monographic publication on the artistic work and the figure of Andrea Benetti, by now famous name in the world of Italian contemporary art, was born. Amongst the numerous reviews of Benetti’s art, his core message was never expressed and conveyed so masterfully as in Diletta Iacuaniello’s review. This made such an impression on Benetti that he was inspired to use said title...

ITA  TEDOFRA GALLERY, BOLOGNA, 2011 curated by Francesco Elisei  In January and February 2011, on the occasion of Arte Fiera, the exhibition by Andrea Benetti curated by Francesco Elisei was inaugurated. The structure of the gallery was ideal for designing a path that divided Andrea Benetti's Neorupestre painting into three strands. From here in fact, the title "Ravines of Neorupestre painting" which divides into "A Tribute to Cave Painting", with works that evoke and...