"Portraits d'artistes" - Masters of the Twentieth Century

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curated by prof. Christian Parisot and Pier Francesco Pensosi 

In November 2010, an exhibition entitled "Portraits d'artistes", curated by Professor Christian Parisot (President of the Archives) and Professor Pierfrancesco Pensosi, was set up inside Palazzo Taverna, in Rome, at the headquarters of the Amedeo Modigliani Legal Archives. The exhibition project and the catalog were presented in a press conference by Professor Vittorio Sgarbi. The portrait of the author as the theme of the exhibition that boasted among the exhibited artists, names such as those of Amedeo Modigliani, Giorgio De Chirico, Andy Warhol, Keinth Haring, Mario Schifano, Max Jacob, Guido Cadorin, Jules Pascin ... Amongst these notable figures was Andrea Benetti with his "prehistoric woman" who brought Neorupestre painting to the Olympus of international art. The catalog published by Casa Modigliani was edited by Professor Christian Parisot and Professor Pierfrancesco Pensosi.

The catalog is titled "Portraits d'artistes"
Texts: C. Parisot - P. F. Pensosi
Casa Modigliani Editions - pagg. 72 - €. 25,00 © 2010