Exhibition catalog "The color of light - works in white"

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curated by prof. Silvia Grandi  

On Saturday October 11, 2014, on the occasion of the Tenth Contemporary Day, the artistic project "The color of light - works in white" was inaugurated in Bologna at the former complex of the Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini, an exhibition that saw the collaboration between Andrea Benetti, author of the Manifesto of Neorupestre Art presented at the 53rd Venice Biennale, Saul Saguatti (Basmati Film) director and animator of international fame and Frank Nemola, a leading figure in the Italian music scene, as well as poly instrumentalist of Vasco Rossi. "The color of light", curated by Silvia Grandi, is a project promoted by Italian Art Promotion and AMACI - Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums and sponsored by the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna. Silvia Grandi, curator of the exhibition and professor of phenomenology of contemporary art at the University of Bologna, finds strong complementarity in the project of the three artists: in her text she underlines how “Nemola's musical-sonar improvisation, combined with icons and colors of Benetti's paintings, make possible, in a contemporary and absolutely contemporary key, the return to that primordial and original sensoriality preached over forty years ago by McLuhan who, with the notions of "visual space" and "acoustic space" (The Medium is the Message, 1967), had theorized the return of man to a primordial sensory structure, full of emotions and synesthetic faculties precisely because of the spread of electronic media ". "Colors and sounds of the origins" comes from the creative research of Benetti, Saguatti and Nemola, who, through the union of expressive means such as painting, video animation and music, manage to create a project of "acoustic art".

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Promotion of the exhibition
AMACI - Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museumsi
I.A.P. Italian Art Promotion

Scientific collaboration
DAR Department of Arts
University of Bologna
Andrea Benetti Archives Foundation
I.A.P. Italian Art Promotion

With the patronage
DAR Department of Arts
Province of Bologna
Municipality of Bologna
European Pegasus Institute

The catalog is titled "Il colore della luce - Opere in bianco" by Andrea Benetti
Testi: A. Benetti - S. Grandi
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