Exhibition catalog in the Caves of Castellana

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curated by prof. Massimo Guastella

On September 9, 2011, a painting exhibition curated by Professor Massimo Guastella was set up inside the caves of Castellana, with a musical performance by Frank Nemola at the inauguration, sponsored by the Puglia Region, the Province of Bari, the Municipality of Castellana Grotte, CRACC Srl Research Spin-Off of the University of Salento, LabTASC (Territory of the Visual Arts and History of Contemporary Art) Department of Heritage of Arts and History, University of Salento of Lecce, Pegaso European Institute, Andrea Benetti Archive, Simone Edgardo Study Center, MACIA - Museum of Italian Contemporary Art in America, Opera Art and Arts. Andrea Benetti's exhibition, curated by Professor Massimo Guastella, entitled "Neorupestre painting", enjoyed great success on the national level.  A catalog, published for the occasion, detailed: Professor MASSIMO GUASTELLA Curator of the exhibition, Professor of History of Contemporary Art - University of Salento - Lecce , Scientific manager of labTasc - University of Salento - Lecce; Professor SILVIA GODELLI Councilor for Culture and Tourism of the Puglia Region; Professor FRANCESCO SCHITTULLI President of the Province of Bari; Professor FRANCESCO TRICASE Mayor of Castellana Grotte; the engineer STEFANO ELEFANTE Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Castellana Grotte; the architect MAURIZIO TOMMASO PACE President of the Caves of Castellana S.r.l.

Promotion of the exhibition
University of Salento
LabTasc Unisalento
Municipality of Castellana Grotte
Caves of Castellana Srl

Scientific collaboration
University of Lecce
LabTasc Unisalento
I.A.P. Italian Art Promotion
Andrea Benetti Archives Foundation

The catalog is titled "Andrea Benetti, la pittura Neorupestre"
Testi: A. Benetti - M. Clori - S. Godelli - M. Guastella - M. Pace - P. Pace
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