Spirituality in Neo-Cave art - Monograph of Andrea Benetti

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"Spirituality in Neorupestre art" is a review of Diletta Iacuaniello from which the idea of this monographic publication on the artistic work and the figure of Andrea Benetti, by now famous name in the world of Italian contemporary art, was born. Amongst the numerous reviews of Benetti’s art, his core message was never expressed and conveyed so masterfully as in Diletta Iacuaniello’s review. This made such an impression on Benetti that he was inspired to use said title for his monographic book. What had previously only been touched upon (and now highlighted by Iacuanello) was Andrea Benetti’s inner conviction of the spiritual component behind the painting. In this book you will find, in addition to about eighty published works, Benetti’s biography and reviews by many renowned names in the world of contemporary art and Italian painting.

The catalog is titled "La spiritualità nell'arte Neorupestre" by Andrea Benetti
Texts: Andrea Benetti - Diletta Iacuaniello
pagg. 158 - Media Brai Editions - €. 30,00 © 2012