At the origins of painting - Monograph on Andrea Benetti

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The book published by Media Brain Editions and written by Lucas De Laurentiis is a monographic publication on Andrea Benetti and his innovative painting, followed by a solid philosophical thought, which flows into the "Manifesto of Neo-Cave Art". The intelligent operation carried out by the young critic and curator De Laurentiis, was to collect seven of the main and representative reviews of the pictorial work of Andrea Benetti, and group them into a single book, which also contains about eighty published works. In addition to this aspect of the book, the author has also laid out   solid research by schematically grouping all aspects of Benetti's artistic career, such as the museums and important collections that include a work by Benetti, the list of the main exhibitions, the list of authors who wrote about Andrea Benetti and much more. As the popularity of the bolognese painter expands, the monograph will be regularly updated to document all stages of his career.

The catalog is titled "Alle origini della pittura" by Andrea Benetti
Texts: Andrea Benetti - Lucas Laurentiis
pagg. 158 - Media Brai Editions - €. 30,00 © 2011