Exhibition catalog Tedofra Gallery - Bologna

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curated by Francesco Elisei  

In January and February 2011, on the occasion of Arte Fiera, the exhibition by Andrea Benetti curated by Francesco Elisei was inaugurated. The structure of the gallery was ideal for designing a path that divided Andrea Benetti's Neorupestre painting into three strands. From here in fact, the title "Ravines of Neorupestre painting" which divides into "A Tribute to Cave Painting", with works that evoke and revise the origin of the painting created on the rocky walls of prehistory; "Abstractism of the Origins", or the abstractionism as a claim to something that had already been conceived and created in the caves, by primitive man; and finally, "A primitive in the 3rd Millennium", or the iconography of our day which ideally replaces that of the man of If, thirty thousand years ago, the man painted aurochs, horses, bison, etc. today, the primitive man of the two thousand would hypothetically represent sailboats, cars, planes, golf players, etc. The exhibition catalog it tells about this triple division in the union of Neorupestre art and is curated by Francesco Elisei, edited by Media Bran Edizioni.

The catalog is titled "Anfratti della pittura Neorupestre" by Andrea Benetti
Texts: Andrea Benetti - Francesco Elisei
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