Digital Archive of Andrea Benetti’s works

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This page of the site is dedicated to the Digital Archive of Andrea Benetti's works. Benetti's works are divided into various types, briefly illustrated below. At the bottom of the page, under each photo of the works, you will find the technical sheet, which includes the storage number, the title, the year of realization, the dimensions, the technique used and the type of support on which the work was created.

A TRIBUTE TO CAVE PAINTING ·  This collection of works offers a fair tribute to men who tens of thousands of years ago felt the need to communicate visually for the first time, leaving their mark on history. These ancestors bear the high honor of having invented art… the first ones ever to manifest the art that is endemic in man, through creative, visual expression. This collection of works consists of bas-reliefs created with chalk on canvas and subsequently antiqued with natural substances such as cocoa, turmeric, henna, coffee and finished with oil colors.

ABSTRACTISM OF THE ORIGINS ·  This collection of works is created to recall the styles of figurative painting, symbolism and abstract art, conceived by primitive man, in the caves of prehistory, in its embryonic stage. Some colored geometric shapes, found in cave paintings, symbols designed and codified by Professor André Leroi Gourhan, are reviewed, transfigured, idealized, reimagined and reinvented in the works of Andrea Benetti, whose aim is to pay deserved homage to the true origin of art abstract. This collection of works is composed of bas-reliefs created with chalk on canvas and subsequently antiqued with natural substances such as cocoa, turmeric, henna, karkadè, coffee and finished with oil colors.

A PRIMITIVE IN THE 3RD MILLENNIUM ·  This collection of works is conceived by our inner child, who delights in imagining the paint on the rocky wall of the cave, by an imaginary prehistoric man of today. Gone are the horses or bisons, that have ceased to exist in our modern day cities. Andrea Benetti portrays what are now some of the symbols of our civilization, present in everyday life: cars, planes, scooters, sailboats, golfers and floral arrangements. The works are composed of bas-reliefs created with chalk on canvas, antiqued with cocoa, turmeric, henna, coffee and finished with oil colors.

WORKS WITH PALEOLITICH MATERIAL ·  The cycle of works by Andrea Benetti, using archaeological material dating back to the Paleolithic period, is a collaboration of the Master with the University of Ferrara and with the Department of Arts, University of Bologna, for the creation of the exhibition, held in April 2015, at the Chamber of Deputies, entitled "VR60768 anthropomorphic figures". For the exhibition project the Department of Humanities of the University of Ferrara and precisely "Prehistoric Archaeology" has provided Benetti's prehistoric material (ocher, charcoal, soil and sediment from washing the finds) dating back to the level of excavations of the Paleolithic. These materials, along with travertine dust, were utilized by Benetti to create an effect on the canvas that emulates the rock face

STUDY ON VELOCITY ·  The works dedicated to speed are an integral part of a book entitled "Unusual exploration within velocity". The collectible book was created by Benetti in 2009, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Futurism. Velocity was a new "value" of modernity, exalted by Marinetti in his Manifesto of Futurism. Unlike Marinetti, one hundred years later, Andrea Benetti’s reflections on speed include the negative aspects of the concept. Written contributions for the book by fifteen University Professors, analyze the influence of speed on their respective subjects of teaching.

NEO CAVE DRAWINGS ·  Neorupestri's designs are made by Andrea Benetti on raw paper transformed with various treatments and using many natural substances, until it becomes the "Carta di Montesanto". The drawings are made with charcoal, sanguine, white chalk and sepia. Portraits themes sometimes borrowing subjects painted by prehistoric man, are transfigured and reinvented, creating a neo-symbolism. The drawings are arranged between two plexiglass sheets, joined by seven satin silver studs, to emulate, in the game of fiction, a fantastic archaeological apocryphal.

THE THIRTEEN CROSSES ·  The collection, entitled "Signum Crucis" portrays the symbol of the Cross, in a context of abstract painting. It is a "different" collection from the subjects inspired by Cave painting, which usually inspire the art of Andrea Benetti, but they are works entirely made with his classic pictorial style (the bas-reliefs created in the background plaster on canvas). After a work by Benetti, depicting the Christian Cross (dedicated to Karol Wojtyla), was donated to Pope Benedict XVI by the Moral Organization ANFE, the emilian artist created a collection of twelve works, made on the subject of the Cross of Christ.

PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE ·  Andrea Benetti began photographing in the early 1980s with a Nikkormat, a camera produced by Nikon. He learned to photograph in the studio of Marco Caroli, a Bolognese photographer and historian. Despite a large photographic archive, in recent years he has only created a photographic exhibition, in Bologna, at Palazzo D'Accursio, portraying dozens of women's gazes and enlarging them up to five times (100 x 50 cm), to raise awareness among the visitors of the exhibition. and public opinion on the issue of violence against women.