The "Prehistoric wave" project

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The project entitled "Prehistoric wave", already sponsored by the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna and the Department of Biology and Evolution of the University of Ferrara, consists of an exhibition of works by Andrea Benetti, inspired by cave painting. The works, made on canvas and paper, are pigmented using archaeological material, dating back to the Palaeolithic period (soil, ocher, coal and sediments derived from the washing of the finds). The material provided to Benetti by the University of Ferrara was used forty thousand years ago in the Cave of Fumane (VR) by a prehistoric man, to paint some stones, found in the cave of the same name. With this cycle of works, Andrea Benetti creates an ideal bridge, which unites contemporaneity with the origin of art. He highlights the similarity of today's way of communicating, based on iconography and the extreme simplification of signs, with part of the symbolism, typical of cave painting. Andrea Benetti highlights how the most widespread mass communication devices, in use on a large scale in contemporary society, interact with man through the use of the two senses, that is sight and hearing, synchronized as digital perceivers of images and sounds. Television, computers, smartphones, tablets are popular means by which man perceives and transmits reality, or the illusion of it, through those two senses. Benetti, creator of the “Manifesto of Neo Cave Art”, which he presented at the 53rd Venice Biennale, has been carrying out his research on cave painting for several years, paying homage to it with works that transfigure and reinterpret it. He starts from the concept that the art of the caves, as a "prehistoric wave", has transmitted up to our days the future paths of painting, such as figurative, abstract art, symbolism and conceptual. In April 2015, Andrea Benetti premiered this cycle of works, in the halls of the Chamber of Deputies, with the curatorship of professor Silvia Grandi (University of Bologna) and professor Marco Peresani (University of Ferrara).


The exhibition is composed of works in bas-relief on canvas, made with the classic painting style of Benetti, inspired by cave painting. From works drawn on special papers created by the bolognese artist. From works made on canvas, using the material provided by the University of Ferrara, used by the Paleolithic man to create some artistic works.

The bas-reliefs on canvas
The Neo Cave drawings
The works with Paleolithic material

The promo video of the exhibition