A primitive in the Third Millennium

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The project entitled "A primitive in the Third Millennium" provides for the setting up of an exhibition created using the homonymous type of works. This type of works uses the classic pictorial style of Andrea Benetti. The idea that guides the birth of this branch of Neo Cave art lies in imagining which subjects it would represent today, a hypothetical primitive man ideally catapulted into the contemporary world. Cuori sospesi, 2019, cm 80 x 60, oil on canvasAt one time it depicted its surroundings, that is, animals of all kinds, the mammoth, the horse, the auroch (ancestor of the bull), the bison, the reindeer and many others. Today, following the same concept of depicting what surrounds him (and this today also includes the media images he enjoys every day), he would depict cars, airplanes, sailboats, flowers, wasps, golfers and everything else. it can be a symbol belonging to our civilization. The most famous of the exhibitions carried out on this line of Neo Cave painting was the exhibition entitled "inMovimento", for which Benetti had selected works depicting means of transport. The exhibition was set up in Bologna, on the occasion of the 40th edition of Arte Fiera.


Andrea Benetti starts from the concept that all the future ways of painting were already contained in cave painting, including figurative art, abstractionism, symbolism (the subject of this exhibition, understood as the use of symbols belonging to our civilization) and conceptual. Using the canvas as a support, Benetti's works start with a bas-relief, made of plaster, which symbolically emulates the protrusions and irregularities of the rock walls. The bas-relief is then "antiqued" and pigmented with natural substances, such as coffee, henna, cocoa, turmeric, oxides, etc. and made chromatically similar to various types of rock. In the final phase the classic oil colors are used, with which some parts of the work are painted.

The works
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