Synesthesia - Colors and sounds of the origins

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Andrea Benetti presented at the 53rd Venice Biennale, at the Ca' Foscari University, the "Manifesto of Neo Cave Art", in which he hypothesized an imaginary bridge between prehistoric origins and contemporaneity of art. Subsequently, in collaboration with the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna, he conceived the project “Synesthesia - Colors and sounds of the origins”. The artistic event was presented in 2013, in Bologna, at Palazzo D'Accursio, in 2014 at the University of Bari, in the former Palazzo delle Poste and in 2015 in Lecce, in the Carlo V Castle. With works inspired by abstraction and made in bas-relief on canvas, to ideally symbolize the irregularity of the rock walls, Andrea Benetti emphasizes how embryonic forms of abstraction were already present in the art of the origins. To evoke the shamanic aspect, which is supposed to accompany rock painting, the composer and musician Frank Nemola performs a musical performance at the opening of the exhibition. The music composed by Frank Nemola can become the soundtrack of the exhibition and accompany it for its entire duration. The project "Synesthesia - Colors and sounds of the origins" was born from the creative research of Andrea Benetti and Frank Nemola. They combine visual and acoustic sensations inspired by the genesis of art, following the thesis that places cave painting alongside shamanic rites, as rites of prehistoric man, which progressed hand in hand. Andrea Benetti creates an ideal bridge between the origins of man and contemporaneity, directing the public's attention to today's way of communicating, based on iconography, symbols and sounds, aimed at extreme simplifications, as if it were a return to origins. The analogy underlying the project highlights how the most widespread means of communication and entertainment, in use on a large scale in contemporary society, interact mainly with man, through the use of two senses, which act as perceivers of images and sounds. Television, computers, smartphones, tablets are now means of mass use, with which we perceive and transmit reality, or the illusion of it, through sight and hearing. Through a transfiguration and an ideal reinterpretation, created by the artists, between the oneiric and the real, symbolically relive the colors and sounds of the origins; the same ones that our ancestors, at the dawn of humanity, discovered and used for the first time to communicate with the world, probably also through shamanic rites, giving the genesis of art an eternal sacredness. Andrea Benetti, creator of the "Manifesto of Neo Cave Art", presented at the 53rd Venice Biennale (2009), at the Ca 'Foscari University, has been carrying out his research on cave painting for several years, paying homage to it with works that revisit it , they transfigure and reinvent it.


Andrea Benetti starts from the concept that all the future ways of painting were already contained in cave painting, including figurative, abstract art (the subject of this exhibition), symbolism and conceptualism. Using the canvas as a support, Benetti's works start with a bas-relief, made of plaster, which symbolically emulates the protrusions and irregularities of the rock walls. The bas-relief is then "antiqued" and pigmented with natural substances, such as coffee, henna, cocoa, turmeric, oxides, etc. and made chromatically similar to various types of rock. In the final phase the classic oil colors are used, with which some parts of the work are painted. The exhibition is composed of works inspired by the origins of abstract art.

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