The "Pater Luminun" project

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The “Pater Luminum” art project deviates from the central theme, which usually guides the art of Andrea Benetti (Neo Cave Art), even if it maintains its pictorial style. This project was born thanks to the work entitled “Homage to Karol Wojtyla”, which Andrea Benetti created in 2009, as a tribute to the holy person of Pope John Paul II, to which the Bolognese artist is particularly attached. The painting was then donated to Benedict XVI by the ANFE (Non-profit organization), whose delegation was received by the Pontiff in 2012, for the celebration of the 65th anniversary (since 1947 ANFE, as its mission, has been involved in and helping families of immigrants). In the following years Benetti made twelve other canvases that have the Cross as their subject. The stylistic choice of the works, which has the Cross inserted in a context of abstract forms with often bright colors, wants to highlight the aspect of hope expressed by the sacred symbol of Christianity. Through these colors that transmit a profound joy, he wanted to interpret the message of resurrection and salvation, which Jesus gave to humanity through his own sacrifice. This meaning has been preserved to this day, precisely by that symbol. In "Pater Luminum" 'the artist places the Salvific Mystery at the center of his art. Too often some contemporary artists have vilified the Cross and other sacred symbols of the Christian religion, to obtain an ephemeral and deplorable notoriety. This reprehensible behavior appears to Andrea Benetti very far from the concept of art, as for Benetti art is first of all a message of love and peace, which requires attention for others and for the sensitivity expressed by religious belief. Any expression that insults the symbols of a religion, whatever it may be, cannot be considered art. If anything, art is a message to enrich our society, respecting other cultures and the obvious freedom of worship, without ever disregarding the Christian roots, which have characterized our history for millennia. Those just exposed are the reasons that pushed Andrea Benetti to undertake this artistic path, with the intent of highlighting the message full of love, salvation and hope, rooted in the symbol of the Cross.


The exhibition consists of bas-reliefs painted on canvas, a wooden installation and a sacred video art work. The works on canvas are made starting from a bas-relief on a plaster background, subsequently elaborated with natural substances, such as cocoa, henna, turmeric, etc. and finally some parts are colored with oil colors. All the works measure 70 x 50 cm. The installation is a Crucifix, in which the Cross is made of antiqued wood and metal, while the Christ is symbolically made of Murano glass (measurements: 1 61 x 94 x 2.5 cm ).


The Sacred video art work entitled "Pater Luminum", dedicated to the sacred symbol of the Cross and to the Christian religion, has a duration of 3 '53' '. Music, shooting and editing were made by Andrea Benetti. It is specified that this work is part of the project, but should it not be considered appropriate to project it during the exhibition, there would be no impediment on the part of the author.

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